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sampling practise & biobanking

Sampling is the first and arguably most important step in the analytic process. Good sampling practice (GSP) covers a broad field including sampling plans, different approaches to sampling, equipment for sampling, containers, information to be submitted with the sample, transport and storage (Crosby & Patel 1995. ISBN: 9780854044122).

All steps in GSP are equivalently important, but labeling the sample together with documentation and storage has become a major task since numbers of samples became increasing.


Single Sample Prosector & Verficator

Each sample must first of all be manually collected and recorded.


Single Rack Prosectur & Verificator

Once the samples have been collected, they can be placed in a SBS rack. To find a sample the rack has to be scanned.


Software &

Plant biobanks preserve valuable genetic resources for the future.


Data-matrix Vials- ready or self-made

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