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Tripod solutions

Photo devices, which move or turn by themselves like the piXplorer 5oo, see picture left, have to be mounted on a heavy duty tripod. No vibration should blurr the picture. So, a tripod have to be choosen very carefully. came together with the German companies Berlebach und Clauss to offer the best solution. The Berlebach tripods are best suited for outdoor, see benefits & unique features. 



When the ore deposits were exhausted, the wood of the „Erzgebirge“ forests became the raw material that shaped the region and provided livelihoods for its inhabitants. Traditional wood carving, wooden toys and sports equipment made the „Erzgebirge“ known throughout the world. The history of Berlebach tripod technology also fits into this development.

For more than 120 years, high-quality tripods made of native ash wood have been produced in Mulda. The excellent characteristics of this type of wood in terms of vibration damping, stability and robustness were appreciated by the most famous photographer David and Meerwarth at the beginning of the 20th century. In their book "Ratgeber im Photographieren" they recommended all demanding photographers "a solid wooden Berlebach tripod".

Today Berlebach offers two series of tripods for photografic purpose, the Uni-line and the Reporter-line. has put together a speciel version of the Uni 17 to fit all outdoor challenges. 

Tripod Uni 17-BS 

Order # BS-Uni 17-BS

Heavy duty tripod for camera devices which move or turn like piXplorer 5oo.

1. Vibrations occur in almost every photographer's work environment. The decisive factor is whether a tripod can dampen these vibrations or not. Wood is able to absorb vibrations and even degrade them.

2. External influences such as sun, rain, wind or water pose no problems for Berlebach tripods.

3. Even in direct sunlight or extreme cold, the tripod legs can be touched without problems

4. Wood is an electrical non-conductor. Harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and electrostatic charges do not occur.

5. Berlebach tripods consist of 95% renewable resources and are 100% recyclable.

6. 10 years warranty on each tripod, since Berlebach ash wood tripods are particularly durable - made in Germany.

1x tripod Uni 17-BS
with spread stopper for optimal stabalization and ground hooks
without 2-way tilt head

see under "support".


For outdoor sampling a tripod from the Reporter-line may be more comfortalbe, because it is not so heavy. Ask us for recommendation!

The following accessories can be used on both series.
- wooden table plate,
   size: 36 x 31 cm,
   loadable up to 10 kg 
   to be screwed on for 3/8" threads, with an adapter screw also for 1/4" threads 
   usable for laptop etc. together with QuickOne gen 2 data-matrix scanner from Lab-Biotech
- umbrella holder to shade the screen of the laptop
- different 2-way tilt heads for DSLR mounting

Ask us for details!



For indoor we can also recommend the tripod made by Clauss

Ask us for details!

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