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Seed Inspector

For instance, seed for sugar beet is undergoing a complex refurbishment process obtained from sugar beet seeds. At the end of the treatment usually less than 30 % of seeds stay left for processing into pilled seed. Traditionally, the work-up is monitored with radiographic inspection of samples. The radiography of each seed visually assessed provides only very inaccurate data about the quality of the seeds, is connected with high staff costs and requires a lot of experience. Computed tomography (CT), in contrast to radiography results in complete volume images of the seeds, a much more accurate evaluation of the quality of seeds and its components. The evaluation of the resulting large amounts of images can efficiently done with the help of an automatic image analysis. The presented CT automat Seed Inspector conducts a fully automatic test for the evaluation of sugar beet seeds.


ProCon X-Ray

The ProCon X-Ray GmbH is developing X-ray inspection equipment for industrial applications and university research purposes since january 2004. Our Systems come with high resolution Focus X-ray technology and are based on our years of experience in developing Solutions on a high quality level to meet the customers requirements. 

Biovisual Systems GmbH has come together with ProCon X-ray GmbH to offer high quality X-ray CT systems and analysis software to perform such investigations as its best. These robust instruments are very flexibel and offer extreme sensitivity.

CT-Auto Seed Inspector 

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