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Forensic Trace Persecutor

Close-up photography becomes extremely complicated on a round object using area sensor cameras like DSLR due to different reasons. To solve all problems in an elegant way, a single-line sensor camera is used together with a round table, where the object has to be turned regarding to the width of the line-sensor. Additionaly, if a fingerprint is placed on the surface of a mirror, it is very difficult to capture it by area sensor cameras, as the image is mirrored on the backside of that mirror, giving an over-layed double-image. As the RODEON ForensiScan always captures perpendicular to the surface, double-images can effectively avoided.

RODEON ForensiScan

The most unique photographic system in forensic science. Ask for details!

Order # BS-RFS basic

RODEON ForensiScan is a system especially adapted to the needs of forensics allowing to photographically capture evidences on any surfaces. Attention is especially payed to secure evidences, such as fingerprints on cylindrical objects like glass, bottles, and bullet casings as well as on reflective surfaces as chip cards, mirrors or CD's. An exact positioning of object and camera as well as a completely automated scan process ensure a very productive workflow with brilliant results of high photographic resolution.

1. complete solution for easiest operation including software or configuration and for starting the automatic scanning process without destroying the DNA.

2. distortion free capturing by geometrically exact unrolling of the surface.

3. no loss of sharpness by scanning always with a constant focus point.

4. constant lighting by scanning always at the same surface angle.

5. improved contrast by scanning selectively only the diffuse or specular light.

6. no backside-mirroring by scanning perpendiclar to the surface. 

RODEON ForesiScan
consisting of stable, torsion-resistant base frame, backlash-free precision gear with 72'000 steps, resolution 0,005“, high-resolution camera (line mode, macro lens), two-axled backlash-free shiftable, image resolution for 1 complete scan: 276 megapixel, centrical, height-adjustable centring pin with exchangeable, pressure pieces, infinitely variable pressing power, precision turntable optional with plane plate (diameter 50 cm) or centrical clamping mechanism, software. 

Maximum payload: 20 kg
Maximum object size (D x H): 50 cm x 50 cm 

Automatic line unit
Order #2 BS-line unit 
line unit for recording flat evidences, resolution: 0,01 mm, movement: 40 cm 

Line light
Order #2 BS-line light 
line light for homogeneous lighting (red, green, blue, white, or UV) 

see chapter Photogrammetry under "technologies" or brochure Forensic under "support"


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