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Crime Scene Documentator

Instruments of modern panoramic photography capture even complex crime scenes quickly and easily in their original situation. Sometimes it is necessary to re-enter the crime scene during further investigations or criminal proceedings. In the "virtual crime scene reality" it is possible anytime.

piXplorer 5oo 

A unique photographic system in forensic science. configured a special bundle including also a polarisation filter

Order # BS-piX-5oo-BS 

Without any prior photographic knowledge each crime scene or location is captured at the push of a button and at the highest resolution due to the automation of the complete photographic process.

1. Fast photographic documentation in highest resolution

2. Different lighting conditions are balanced automatically

3. Time and cost savings by automatic photo recording and stitching process

4. Well suited for field operations due to its solid and robust design, weather-proofed

5. Optimal image quality without any prior photographic knowledge

6. Excellent price-performance-ratio. 

1. piXplorer CSD weather-protected version
2-axis fully automated and calibrated robotic panorama head with integrated special camera and lighting

2. ScanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC 
2x ScanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-l Card, 95 MB/s, 128 GB, with spare-TAB for easier removal of the SD card from the device

3. C-Wrench
mounting aid for piXplorer for special operating conditions

4. Transportation case
a stable suitcase with foam insert for safe transport of your equipment (not identical to hard shell transportation case, see options & accessories)

5. Circular polarization filter
Circular polarization filter with lens hood for reducing disturbing reflections e. g. on water surface, thread of filter attachment: 62 mm.

6. piXplorer software
piXplorer software for fully automatic calculation of panoramic views from the recordings of piXplorer without any user input.

1. lnfrared Remote Control
up to 20 m distance, operation compliant to the usual control, small indicator for direct feedback about every made keystroke. 

2. Hard Shell Transportation Case
military standard stainless steel reinforced padlockable points, corrosion-, crush-, water-, sand- and dust-proof.

Image Resolution up to 512 megapixel
Dynamic Range 26 aperture stops
Recording Time 4.5 minutes per location
Field of View 360° x 180°
Battery Runtime about 75 locations
Working Temperature -5°C +40°C
Dimensions (mm) / Weight (kg) 190 x 300 x 130 / 3.3

For more technical background see chapter "photogrammetry" under "technologies"


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