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Forensic Sampling

Sampling at a crime scene is of paramount importance. No sample may be confused! Therefore Biovisual came together with LAB-Biotech to offer a mobile scanning devive for data-matrix tubes. These tubes are manufactured by LVL-Technologies, a German based company. 


Data-matrix Reader

Together with a pad or labtop the extremely small design enables operation at almost any crime scene. Power supply is given via USB.

All recorded barcodes are summarized in a list with the current time stamp.

The collected data can be exported to CSV, TXT, PDF and HTML files for further processing.

Every recorded barcode is displayed as a keyboard entry and can therefore be used in any external application.


Data-matrix Sampling Vials

The 24 SBS format rounds off the lower end of the LVL technologies SBS product range. The opening of the vials is 14 mm so that even bullets can also be collected. In addition to the well-established advantages of the SAFE® XT technology, which offers the lowest possible risk of contamination, the most efficient use of space and a patented two-phase compression seal, each tube is perfectly suited for the specific requirements of modern sampling.

The vials are available in 4 sizes, on request DNA- and RNA-free
24XT 2000 – 2 mL, height 25,9 mm
24XT 4000 - 4 mL, height 40,4 mm
24XT 6000 - 6 mL, height 56,9 mm
24XT 8000 – 8 mL, height 71,2 mm

Each rack comes with a lid large enough to hold a sticker for hand-written notices.

The samples can be stored up to liquid nitrogen temperature for further evaluation.

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