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Single Sample Prosector & Verificator

All steps in Good Sampling Practise (GSP) are equivalently important, but labeling the sample together with documentation and storage has become a major task since numbers of samples became increasing. Second, in today's world, a sample must be clearly traceable in order to rule out any incorrect determination. With todays labtops or pads the system is ideal for outdoor sampling.


QuickONE 15

QuickONE 15  is the smallest desktop USB barcode reader for 2D barcodes with integrated optical unit. 15 stands for a scan area of ​​up to 15 mm. Power supply is given via USB from a PC or laptop.

It is possible to read single tubes with data matrix barcodes on the bottom and collect their data for later use. The enhanced export module allows to directly generate collection reports with the captured codes and their individual timestamps for documentation.

Every recorded barcode is displayed as a keyboard entry and can therefore be used in any external application.

QuickONE GEN2 can also be used to verify a sample before processing.



Ideal for outdoor sampling.

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